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Yashica T2D 35mm Film Camera - USED

Yashica T2D 35mm Film Camera - USED

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Condition: Used

Product has been film tested and is in perfect working order. Comes with 90 day warranty. See below for technician evaluation:

The Yashica T2 35mm point and shoot camera is part of the premium line of T series compact models. It features a 35mm f/3.5 Tessar T* lens that is capable of producing image quality not normally found in a camera of this size. 

This one is in Very Good Condition showing light wear with a few minor scratches and faint marks. The film compartment is clean and so are the lens optics. The viewfinder is bright and clear with the exception of  a couple of minor specs.

One common issue with this model is that the battery door on the bottom leaves an uneven gap from the pressure of a metal piece inside the door that holds the battery in place. Our technician modified this by removing the metal strip and replacing it with a layer of electrical tape inside of the battery compartment and the door now closes all the way and is even with no gap.

The camera has been film tested. Film loading, rewind, exposure and all other functions were found to be in perfect working order. This includes the modes and flash settings as well. There is also an optional date feature, although the date unfortunately tops out at 2019. 

It comes with a basic neck strap which helps prevent the camera from getting dropped.

Serial #: 722794