Sell Us Your Used Camera Equipment

**We have recently changed the way we are buying used equipment.  For a quote, please email us at with a list of your gear and include photos of each item(s).  One of our buyers will be in touch soon with an estimate and further instructions.**

Buy/Sell/Trade Program

You have a lot of options when selling your used camera gear, but selling to us takes the stress out of it. You won’t have to meet us in a sketchy parking lot, we won’t flake on you, and you don’t have to spend hours cleaning every little crevice to get it in perfect, working condition.

We can either buy your gear outright or trade it for a credit towards something else in our store. Our customers come from near and far to sell us their cameras, lenses and accessories; and over the years we have acquired a lot of really cool stuff.  We always pay competitively for quality, sought-after used gear, so be sure to stop by our store first when considering selling your old equipment.