When will my order be ready?


  • Standard sized prints, matte or glossy, (8"x12" or smaller) have a next day turnaround.
  • Enlargements (above 8x12") have a 3-5 day turnaround.
  • Fine Art prints, Specialty prints and large quantity orders may require additional production time. Usually a one-week turnaround.

 FILM (Color or Black & White):

  • Film orders containing prints or a dropbox link will be ready by 6pm on the day promised; typically one-week turnaround.
  • Film scanning orders with Dropbox links being sent, will be available by 7:30pm on the date promised at checkout; typically one-week turnaround.

Need it sooner?  We also offer a rush service for an additional $4.99 per roll. Generally, this assures you get your film back the next day or in 2-3 days for black & white film.

We also offer a $4.99 rush option for digital prints and enlargements. This price is per order and will give your project priority service. If you are on a time-sensitive deadline, please check with us for specifics and we will try to accommodate you as best as we can.

How much will you pay me for my camera?

We cannot give quotes without testing the gear firsthand.  Because no two cameras are alike, you must bring in your camera equipment in order to evaluate its condition. That being said, we always pay competitively for quality, sought-after, pre-owned gear.

My prints were supposed to be delivered via Dropbox, but I never received them?

The Dropbox link would be sent to the email you provided for us at checkout, so if it's not in your Inbox, please check your Spam folder.  It can normally be found there.

Please keep in mind that Dropbox links are sent just after closing time. So you should receive it no later than 7:30 pm.

Do you sell Super 8 film, or movie equipment?

Yes, we do sell Super 8 film in our store and on our website.

Do you offer framing and mounting services?

We don't sell frames or their accessories but if you have a project that needs mounting, we can help.  Prices vary depending on the complexity and the size of the project.

I found this film camera in my garage, attic, etc. Can you tell me if it works?

If you’ve already tried turning on the camera and get no response, then the first step in determining if your camera works is to purchase a new battery. It is the best and most economic way to tell if a camera is still working. If there is a battery left in a camera, make sure there is no corrosion in the camera. If there is, take some white vinegar and a Q-Tip and swab it out. Make sure the area is dry before putting the new battery in the compartment. Many customers do not realize that even though they have an older analog camera, it still requires a battery to allow the shutter to actuate. If this solves the “isn’t working” or “isn’t firing” issue, the next thing to do is to run a roll of film through it. If there are any shutter or light leak issues, they will present themselves in the negatives.

If all else fails, we do offer camera repair services. For $39.99 our technician will diagnose the issue and let you know if there are any additional costs before going forward with your repair. Please keep in mind: assessments take around 10 days, but do not usually include the repair. Repairs can take as little as one week to several months, depending on what is needed. If you need your camera worked on before a major event, please either plan accordingly or consider renting/buying a different camera for your event.

I’m at the end of my film roll, what do I do now?

DON’T OPEN YOUR CAMERA YET! First hit the rewind button and then turn the knob in the direction of the rewind crank, which will always be clockwise. When you can’t turn any further, then open your camera and safely remove your film.

If you are unsure if it's safe to open your camera, you are welcome to bring the camera to us. One of our technicians can open it in the dark to ensure that your images are not compromised by exposing the film to light.

Why do you sell Expired Film? Does it still work?

Like anything perishable, film also has an expiration date. Expired film is out of date film that has never been shot. The chemistry is guaranteed to give set results before the film has expired. However, after it has expired the results may vary, and can produce some really cool looking images.  Some of the variations include color shifts (more magenta or green are the most common), more grain, underexposure when shot at box speed (the rule is overexpose for every 10 years out of date), and of course, there is always the chance that it is completely normal.   Storage greatly effects the outcome as well!

I think I left some negatives at your store; are they still there?

We hold negatives for 1 month only. During this time we will attempt to email you to remind you of pick up, but if it doesn’t happen within 1 month of drop-off, we will dispose of the negatives because our store is small, and we don’t have the counter space to house everyone’s film.  We are not responsible for anything left beyond 1 month.

Do you offer one-hour photo service?

No. Sadly, the days of one-hour photos are gone.  Since we are one of very few places in Austin where you can still get film processed (and film photography is popular here) we stay very busy with orders.

Our normal turn-around time for standard orders is one week, if you want your film scanned to a digital medium or printed. We offer a rush service for an additional $4.99 per roll. Generally, this assures you get your film back in 2-3 days. Please check with us for specifics; if you are on a time-sensitive deadline, we will try to accommodate you as best as we can.

Are you open during the holidays?

We are open every day except Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  There may be adjusted store hours on other holidays, so it's always best to check with us prior to visiting the shop.