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KONO!RAMA Number 1 - Effect Layers for Instant Photography - Square

KONO!RAMA Number 1 - Effect Layers for Instant Photography - Square

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Pep Up Your Instant!

The World’s First Effect Layer for your Instant Photography

Sizes: SQUARE 

Pack No1 includes these three reusable KONO!RAMA™ Layers:

>>AUSTIN brings colorful splashes of color to your shot and the world immediately appears in a more cheerful light. Due to the overlapping circles, new shades of color are mixed with the background.  Pep up your Instant!

 >>RAINDROPS You have the blues or you’re longing for a refreshing summer rain? Then you can use this effect to express your mood.  Show others your world through a window pane full of raindrops and melancholy on a sunny day. Pep up your Instant!

>>NORTHERN LIGHTS The most complex effect of the No1 filters. This layer responds very variable, some even say unpredictable, depending on the backgrounds and light incursions. From a very subtle mere hint to surprisingly strong effects, everything is possible.  The whole picture is given a certain elegance and quality look.

For best results use on sunny days. Results may vary.

All KONO! RAMA Layers are:

>> Reusable

>> Made in Germany

>> Easy to handle – just Stick and Shoot

>> Work with instax INSTANT FILM