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Konica C35-EF3 35mm Point & Shoot - Blue (See Description) - USED

Konica C35-EF3 35mm Point & Shoot - Blue (See Description) - USED

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Condition: Used

Product has been fully tested as working. Comes with 90 day warranty. See below for technician evaluation:

***Frame counter not accurate*** Black tape over advance lever to cover missing plastic edge***

In Good condition with normal signs of use aside from a small chip in the lower front corner and the end of the advance lever being covered with black tape. ***There was a piece of broken plastic on the end of the lever that was creating a sharp edge. Our technician covered it with matching black tape so it is smooth now, and it works perfectly. At this point it is now more of a cosmetic issue. The other noted issue is that the frame counter is not accurate. In most cases it starts to advance for the first several exposures (usually to around frame 12) and then just stops. At that point you will need to keep track of the exposures on your own. Sometimes it doesn't count at all, and occasionally it makes it through the entire roll with no issues. It's just not reliable***

The good news is that everything else works, including the pop-up flash that fires on command by sliding the little switch over. The door hinge and seals have all been replaced with fresh foam. Lens optics are clean clear from and free of any haze, marks or scratches. The viewfinder is exceptionally bright and clean and clear as well with no obstructions. Door seals and foam are in great shape.

The camera has been fully tested including the pop up flash that fires on command by sliding the little switch over. 

Our goal is to provide an accurate, detailed description for each used item that we sell. We focus on testing the most important aspects related to the functionality. Please note that with older vintage items, a slight degree of imperfection is to be expected. 

Serial #: 2438981