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Flic Cine Film Vision3 200T 35mm - 36 Exp - ECN-2 Process (See Description)

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Cine Color 500T

Developer: ECN-2. (Can be developed with C-41 but the film has a Remjet layer that must be removed with an ECN-2 Prebath before use with C-41 chemicals.)

This is Respooled KODAK VISION3 Color Negative Film 500T. Kodak and Vision are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.

VISION3 500T is a high-speed, tungsten-balanced movie film characterized by a fine grain structure, broad dynamic range, and the flexible nominal sensitivity of a 500-speed index. It has a wide exposure latitude with exceptional highlight control for working in a variety of lighting conditions, ranging from high-contrast outdoor lighting to mixed interior light situations. Advanced Dye Layering Technology (DLT) is also used to reduce the appearance of grain in the shadows for cleaner detailing and clarity. As part of the VISION3 series of movie films, this stock has high archival stability and is well suited to digital post-production processes.