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Escura Snaps 35mm Half Frame Camera

Escura Snaps 35mm Half Frame Camera

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Get twice the images on the roll of film! And the portrait format is perfect for street snaps.

Analogue Made Simple -
Escura's snaps 35 film camera is a simple 35 mm film camera, you can shoot snapshots with a simple step.

Camera Specifications
Optical Lens: 31mm, F9
Focusing: Focus free, 1m to infinity
Shutter Speed: 1/120s
Film Transport: Manual wind and rewind
Film Format: 135 Film, ISO 200/400
Image Size: 18mm x 24mm
Flash: Build in Flash Push Switch, 15s recycle time
Power soure: AAA x1
Strap: Wrist strap included
Weight: 122 gram
Dimensions: 119w x 67h x 44d (mm)

35mm Black & White Film

ISO: 400
Grain: Medium
Film Type: Black and White Monochrome
Process: Black and White
Sharpness: High
Contrast: High