Photo Restorations

Considering a photo restoration?

We can restore old photographs that have been damaged over time. We can digitally repair tears, cracks, scratches, stains, etc. You will receive a digital copy of both the original as well as the restored photo for future use. You will also receive a print of your restored image. All restorations are done IN-HOUSE, so you can rest assured that your photographs are safe. In most cases, we will simply scan the image while you wait so that you can keep your original.

photo restorations


Almost have the perfect picture? We also do Photo Editing which can include things like eliminating red eye, removing unwanted background elements (like ex-husbands) or simply touching up the color and contrast for the best results.


Restorations and Photo Edits require being viewed in order to receive a quote, so stop by the shop and have one of our experts take a look at your project.