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Minolta Autocord RG TLR with 75mm f/3.5 Rokkor Lens - USED

Minolta Autocord RG TLR with 75mm f/3.5 Rokkor Lens - USED

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Condition: Used

Camera has been fully tested as working. Testing process included running a fresh roll of film to confirm no light leaks and to verify functionality. Comes with 90 day warranty. See below for technician evaluation:
  • Cosmetic condition: Very Good - With an average amount of wear for a vintage era camera. The leatherette has minor discoloration in a few spots. There is normally a small round metal grip piece attached to the focus lever at the very bottom which is missing. This does not hinder the ability to  focus in any way and the lever still dials perfectly smooth back and forth. The viewfinder is fairly clean and easy to focus through.
  • Film transport gears: Excellent - Advance wind arm moves forward smoothly, stops at the next frame correctly and resets to "0" when loading film. 

  • Film compartment area: Very Good - clean condition. 120 spool is included

  • Shutter speeds: Excellent - Tested and firing accurately at all speeds.
  • Light Meter: No built in meter. Requires a separate source.
  • Hotshoe: PC sync port only. Tested and fired perfectly with flash cable attached.
  • Viewfinder: Good - Fairly clean with some light marks which are purely cosmetic and easy to focus through.

  • Optics:  Minolta Rokkor 75mm f/3.5 taking lens. In Excellent shape with clean glass. Smooth, accurate, sharp focus. No scratches, haze, fungus or separation.

No front lens cap is included.

Our goal is to provide an accurate, detailed description for each used item that we sell. We focus on testing the most important aspects related to the functionality. Please note that with older vintage items, a slight degree of imperfection is to be expected

Serial #: 352013
Taking Lens Serial #: : 2420028