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Yashica MG-1 35mm Rangefinder - USED

Yashica MG-1 35mm Rangefinder - USED

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Condition: Used

Camera has been film tested and is working properly. Comes with 90 day warranty See below for technician evaluation:

  • Cosmetic condition: In Excellent Condition, very clean with very minor wear.

  • Viewfinder:  Bright and clear, easy to line up the rangefinder patch for accurate focus.
  • Film transport gears: Excellent - Advance lever moves forward precisely and advances film smoothly. Pressing the shutter button requires a little extra emphasis on pushing it all the way down. This was not much of an inconvenience during testing, although it did misfire twice during a 24 exposure roll. The camera produced nice looking image results.
  • Shutter speeds: Excellent - This is an Aperture priority camera. The camera selected the proper shutter speed and exposure during testing.
  • Light Meter: This model uses an electronic metering system and lights up to alert you if it is overexposing or selecting a slow shutter speed or. It uses an obscure battery so we have installed an included adapter that works with a standard LR44 1.5V battery.  
  • Hotshoe: Perfectly working and properly test fired an attached external flash. 
  • Yashinon 45mm f/2.8 lens: Excellent - Optics are clean and free of haze, fungus or any other defects.

Our goal is to provide an accurate, detailed description for each used item that we sell. We focus on testing the most important aspects related to the functionality. Please note that with older vintage items, a slight degree of imperfection is to be expected

Serial #: 00103323